Children’s Dentist in Sunnyvale

Our hygienists demonstrate the proper techniques for keeping teeth healthy and clean.

We love treating the entire family, and we’ll make your little ones feel at home!

Whatever the age of our patients, we will make them feel at home and give them the appropriate treatment for their age group. When it comes to children, we like to see them instilled with good habits right from the beginning, and make a special effort to see that they are well taken care of and comfortable.

Dr. Au is very good with children, and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed so that they can get their treatment they need.

Dental Services for children

Friendly dentist

Dr. Au is great with kids and starts seeing them as early as two years old.

Your child’s first visit

Children are always welcome to accompany a parent to a dental visit—in fact, this helps children get used to a dental office and feel at ease.

Dr. Au starts seeing children as patients when they are two years old. In this first visit Dr. Au just welcomes them and makes them feel comfortable. He may do a basic exam to see if there are any problems, if your child is ready. If he sees something that might need addressing he will do a more in-depth exam once he has gained your child’s trust.

Our services

Our hygienists are extremely gentle and educate your children on how to care for their teeth.

We know that high-quality family dentistry means giving children the special treatment they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums:

  • Baby Crowns. Children whose permanent teeth haven’t erupted yet sometimes need to treat a large cavity with a crown, or parents want to get their child’s tooth capped for aesthetic reasons. Dr. Au uses affordable, durable prefabricated crowns as well as all-ceramic crowns made out of solid zirconia.
  • Baby Root Canals. A baby root canal is basically the first step in a full adult root canal. It is called a pulpotomy. Dr. Au only removes the pulp tissue in the crown of the tooth, above the root canals. Dr. Au performs a pulpotomy when there is a deep cavity that reaches into the nerve (pulp) of the tooth.
  • Sealants. Sealants seal the cusps and grooves of the teeth. They are used to prevent cavities from developing in crevices where it is difficult or impossible to brush. Sealants are able to last for many years if proper care is maintained.

We also offer gentle teeth cleanings with our highly trained hygienists, who are all very good with children. If your child has a cavity, we prefer to use composite white fillings as they are more aesthetic and also better for their health.

For more difficult issues or for children that have trouble accepting treatment, we can refer your little one to a very good pediatric dentist next door to us.

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