Options for Missing Teeth and Denture Wearers in Sunnyvale

Options for Missing Teeth and Denture Wearers in Sunnyvale

Review your options for replacing your missing teeth during a consultation with Dr. Au.

Advanced technology for modern teeth replacement

Options for Missing Teeth and Denture WearersDr. Au uses the latest advancements in dental implant technology to provide options for missing teeth and denture wearers. He has also equipped his practice with the latest equipment to provide patients with comfortable, lasting and minimally invasive treatment. He works with Dr. Scott Dault, our periodontist, an expert in gums and implants, to provide state-of-the-art implant treatment.

Modern method of replacement for missing teeth

Until the last decade the primary way to replace missing teeth was either with dental bridges or partial and full dentures.

Neither of these solutions was optimum. A dental bridge requires the cutting down of healthy adjacent teeth so that they can be capped to provide support for the false tooth or teeth. A denture has many drawbacks, not the least being discomfort and a 10% chewing power.

Most dentists agree that the modern solution for missing teeth is dental implants. They replace natural tooth roots to support long-lasting and natural-looking and acting new teeth.

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What are dental implants used for?

Single Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)

Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth or multiple missing teeth. They can also be used to support dental bridges and dentures for a more economical tooth replacement option, that is yet stable and healthy.

With today’s technology even patients with conditions such as diabetes, a smoking habit or low bone volume (all previously impediments to implant treatment) can take advantage of dental implants.

Dr. Au offers a Free Dental Implant Consultation to assess what would work best for your situation, review treatment options and answer any questions. He works out treatment plan options that take into account your budget and lifestyle.

Dr. Au’s recommended options for missing teeth replacement:

Options for Missing Teeth and Denture WearersSingle-tooth replacement

Dr. Au always recommends a dental implant for a single missing tooth as it doesn’t require cutting down of healthy teeth and an implant has a good track record of longevity and lifelike function. However, for some people a dental bridge can be a more affordable option, or, if they don’t like the idea of any surgery, a more congenial option.

Implant BridgeMultiple-teeth replacement with individual implants or implant-supported bridges

Optimally you would replace each missing tooth with a dental implant. However, depending on how many teeth are missing, this can add up in cost. An alternative is to use a dental bridge with implants to support one to two intervening porcelain teeth. A dental bridge supported by implants is a fixed restoration and acts and feels very much like natural teeth.

All your teeth replaced with individual implants, implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures

Patients have several choices when all their teeth are missing, or they need full-mouth extractions.

  • Individual Implants—this is probably the most optimum solution as single-tooth implants are very lifelike and easy to keep clean. It is usually, however, the most costly option.
  • Implant-Supported Dental Bridges—This is a bridge made from porcelain teeth supported by several dental implants. The teeth are also very lifelike and act very similarly to natural teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures—This is the most affordable implant option. Your dentures are supported by implants and can be snapped in and out for cleaning and night rinsing. Unlike a denture by itself, a denture supported by implants is stable, doesn’t require adhesives and gives you good chewing power. Implant-supported dentures can either be removable, with snaps, so you can snap them in and out as needed, or they can be made so they can only be removed by the dentist. Click here to read more about fixed implant-supported dentures.
  • Dentures—Dr. Au doesn’t recommend dentures by themselves due to their instability and their unhealthiness. He does create dentures for his patients, and recommends that they at least stabilize their dentures with two implants per arch.

Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

Options for Missing Teeth and Denture WearersThe problem with dentures is it’s hard to keep them stable. When teeth are missing, bone is continually lost and dentures accelerate this process as they wear away at the bony ridge supporting them.

As a result, dentures are constantly becoming loose, causing them to slip when eating or speaking and giving the wearer discomfort or even pain. Due to their low chewing power, as little as 10% of full power, they prohibit the wearer from eating many foods that are healthy for him or her.

Depending on the amount of implants you choose to use to stabilize your dentures, an implant-supported denture can eliminate the need for the palate covering the roof of your mouth and can create the effect of your teeth emerging naturally from your gums.

The chewing power of an implant-supported denture is much nearer normal and you are also providing the stimulus the bone needs to stay dense and not shrink.

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Resilient dentures using locator attachments

Options for Missing Teeth and Denture WearersDr. Dault places two to four implants per arch with special “locator” attachments. These attachments pivot and so allow the patient to easily snap their denture in, at which point the attachment self-aligns the dentures correctly. The pivoting action also lets the dentures move naturally when chewing. This provides excellent resiliency, allowing patients to chew normally without any worry of dislodgement or discomfort.

Dr. Dault uses either a metal bar to retain the dentures or ball and sockets. He decides which to use based on the number of implants and other factors he establishes during the consultation and exam process.

Fixed Implant-Supported Dentures

Patients can even enjoy the benefits of fixed-in teeth using dental implants and dentures, and at a lower cost than dental bridges of porcelain teeth supported by implants. The teeth are attached using five to six implants per arch.

With fixed dentures there is no need for the palate covering the roof of the mouth and the individual teeth appear to naturally emerge from the gum. Best of all, you never have to take your dentures out, you can eat what you want, and in all ways enjoy a close-to-natural set of teeth.

New teeth in the same day

In many cases patients can get any extractions they need, have the implants placed and get a new tooth, temporary dentures or a dental bridge in the same day. These are worn until the implant has fully healed, at which point your new permanent dentition is placed. However, our temporaries are high quality and provide many of the benefits of your future permanent dentition.

For patients who have been living with dentures or with a broken-down mouth, your temporary dentures will immediately provide you with a superior eating and speaking experience compared to regular dentures or to loose, broken-down teeth.

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Complimentary Implant Consultation

We offer a Complimentary Implant Consultation to assess which treatment would work best for your situation, review treatment options and answer any questions. We work out treatment plan options that take into account your budget and lifestyle.

  • Evaluation of your candidacy for implants
  • Discuss your smile goals
  • Review your treatment options
  • Get all your questions about dental implants answered

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