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"I had had a few cavities filled by my previous dentist and had a bad experience so we came here. The office is always clean and welcoming. The staff is so friendly. My hygienist is thorough and very nice.

"Dr. Au is very professional, caring and knowledgeable. He strives for perfection and is very easy to talk to. He listens to your questions and wants to make sure you are comfortable with all procedures."

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"My teeth were in poor condition when I first came in. The doctors were kind and listened to my needs and concerns, and the staff was equally professional.

Dr. Au and I discussed in-depth treatment options regarding all the things that concerned me and developed a treatment plan that worked for me.

I couldn’t be happier with the end results. I’ve gained functionality of my teeth, along with the proud smile of a job well done."

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"I love coming to this office. My grandparents, my parents and now my children come to Dr. Au’s practice. The office is very much like a small family. I have never had a bad experience or negative treatment.

I like everything about Dr. Au and his practice. He’s approachable, kind, mellow and down to earth. He has a great personality. I love the staff. The office is clean and comfortable and it’s in a great location. I have confidence now as a result of my treatment.

Most recently, I did the Invisalign to correct my teeth on the bottom. The process was easy and convenient. Dr. Au had competitive prices. I get compliments on my teeth constantly and would recommend Dr. Au to anyone looking for Invisalign or a dentist."

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"My husband has been coming here since he was a child, and I’ve been coming with him since we got married, 33 years ago. The practice is awesome–I love the staff and doctors. They get to the point and are very accommodating. I always recommend Dr. Au’s office. My experiences with treatments and surgery have been exceptionally awesome. I’m sure the benefits of all my treatment will last a lifetime."

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"The doctor was very attentive. I didn’t like coming to the dentist but he made me feel comfortable. Thanks to him I have no fear of attending the dentist."

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"I feel very welcome coming to this office. Erie, is very gentle. My teeth feel so clean when she is done. The staff are always so happy. They always say ‘thank you’ and I love how they always remind me of my appointments on the phone, iPhone and computer. I love all the goodies I get! Thank you."

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"I like that Dr. Au’s is a full-feature practice. There is care taken at each step of the process. I’ve had an extraction, bone graft, implant and a crown as well as general dental health services. The staff is highly skilled and very friendly."

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"My teeth were in horrid condition when I went looking for a new dentist and found Dr. Au and his amazing staff. Their office is very clean and they use state-of-the-art, modern equipment.

The staff is super nice and friendly and professional. Dr. Au is super talented and made me feel comfortable during my procedures. My teeth have significantly improved. I tell everyone about this practice and I’m glad I came here."

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"Dr. Au took over the practice from my long-time dentist, Dr. Pack. I was recommended to him by Dr. Pack. Dr. Au is very personable, and he explains things well. He knows his stuff. Everyone here is very nice and capable. Dr. Au was very helpful in fixing a crown."

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"Before I came to Dr. Au, the condition of my mouth was horrible. Dr. Au and his staff are very confident in what they do. Dr. Au is caring, friendly, energetic and honest. The practice is honest, they do great work, and they are trustworthy. The benefit of having Dr. Au do my dental work is that I now have excellent oral hygiene due to the care I received. I had a great overall experience."

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"My wisdom teeth were causing me pain. I decided to see Dr. Au because of all the glowing recommendations. Dr. Au is very professional and caring. He was very thorough during the whole process. He explained all my options and went over all the details before performing the procedure. After the successful procedure, he followed up a few times to make sure that I was okay. The staff are also friendly and efficient. I now have clean and healthy teeth."

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"I had chipped and crooked front teeth. Dr. Au was highly recommended to me. He’s an artist in the way he did my veneers. Now I have beautiful, even teeth for the first time in my life, and I’m no longer embarrassed to smile or laugh.

What I like about the practice is they are warm, and greet you as if you were family. Not only is Dr. Au a very talented dentist, but he is just such a nice and caring person. I said I’d like to adopt him."

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"Dr. Au has a nice personality and is dedicated to quality dentistry. The practice location and personnel are great. Dr. Au is outstanding with anesthetic. I barely felt anything as he prepared my teeth for filling. Now the condition of my teeth is excellent."

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"I had issues with old crowns, and decided to see Dr. Au. He is a great dentist who uses all the modern techniques. What I like about Dr. Au is his empathy, intelligence, compassion for his patients and good sense of humor. He stays up-to-date on the latest techniques and practices. I now have better oral health."

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"I was originally going to look for a new dentist closer to my home. Before I made an effort to look or ask for recommendations to a new dentist I broke a crown on my front tooth. Dr. Au’s staff got me into the office to see him that morning.

Dr. Au won me over right away. I was upset and embarrassed over my missing front tooth and in just a few minutes, he made me feel comfortable about the situation. He was friendly, concerned and considerate of what needed to be done and how to proceed. Dr. Au is easy to talk to and he is very relaxed. I like everything about the practice.

Within a few days I had a new front tooth and knew I had found my new dentist even if it wasn’t close to home. Dr. Au took care of the broken crown. So well that I wanted to continue with him as my dentist. I guess there’s nothing like an emergency to form one’s opinion about a dentist."

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"I needed gum work, and potentially a crown. Dr. Au is professional, articulates extremely well, and dental procedures are always excellent. The staff has exceptional customer service skills. My teeth and gums are very happy and healthy."

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"Dr. Au is cute, great with my teeth, has a sweet personality and he likes me! I like everything about the practice. Now I have a great bridge and crown. The experience was all good!"

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"The condition of my son’s mouth was good until he had a skateboarding accident. I came to Dr. Au because he and his staff are very nice and great people. I like that Dr. Au is easy to talk to. The practice also treats you like family. You can always expect to be seen quickly by Dr. Au."

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