The image shows a person standing next to a large, modern-looking 3D scanner in what appears to be a medical or dental office setting. A second person is pointing at the scanner with interest.

Office Tour

An image of a modern reception area with a curved counter and a waiting bench, featuring a colorful wall decoration.
The image depicts a modern office interior with a long, sleek desk and a vase of flowers on it.
The image shows a street sign for  Hollenbeck Dental Center  at an address of 1650 Hollenbeck, with the year 2013 visible. The sign is mounted on a green post in front of a building with trees and a clear sky in the background.
The image depicts a multi-story building with a flat roof, featuring a white exterior and large windows. In front of the building is a parking lot with several cars parked, and there are trees providing shade in the foreground.
A medical office with a clean, white interior featuring a large desk area, cabinets, and equipment.
A modern dental office interior with a reception area, dental chairs, and equipment.
An image of a medical office with a computer monitor and a digital X-ray machine in the foreground, showcasing a modern healthcare environment.
The image shows a modern dental office with two dental chairs, one in the foreground and another in the background. There is a large window allowing natural light to enter, and a television mounted on the wall above the chair in the back.
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The image shows an interior space that appears to be a waiting area or lobby, featuring a reception desk with a computer monitor, a seating area with two black chairs and a wooden bench, a countertop with a sink, and a wall with a framed picture. The color scheme is neutral, with shades of gray and blue dominating the space.